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After many switches between Wordpress (2001), DotClear (2002) and other cool blog apps like Zinnia for Django which I love so much, after too much SQL hacking for upgrades and tons of SPAM in comments, I decided to rebuild my blog with a static engine. I choose Pelican, a nice pyton app, which builds the entire blog from markdown or restructured text + some themes to regular HTML/CSS files.

No more SQL, no more upgrades, better portabilty, very easy editing and I hope no more spams (until Disqus gets hacked!).

I apologize to all people who contributed to the comments of my old blogs because these have been lost in the transition. I have retrieved some old articles I wanted to keep and put others in the web trashbin.

Now I'm sure this new long term strategy will keep us to loose data again and again.


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