About me

import os, sys, time, music, freedom

Eng. at Arts et Métiers ParisTech (1997-2000), Msc. ATIAM at UPMC (2001), PhD. in non-linear and low frequency acoustics and mechanics at UPMC (<2006), Ass. Prof. at CNAM in acoustics and signal processing (<2008).

Now co-founder, CEO / CTO at Parisson: Manager, strategist, system admin, software and hardware architect, data scientist and developer for several open source projects for digital humanities, laboratories and universities like web audio archiving and computing platforms Telemeta, high level audio processing frameworks TimeSide, live video e-learning platforms TeleForma, embedded mobile recording and streaming solutions TeleCaster, DeeFuzzer.

Open culture and free / libre software advocate, Python lover, Linux fan, Music addict, electronic music producer at DeeFuzz Radio, expert in audio and video production systems and mastering technics.

I use this blog to post some ideas that too long for micro blogging. For more fun, audio, music and realtime stuff, please follow me on Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, FB, etc...